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          Earn Money Writing from Home In Less than 30 Days

Writing from home in today's economy is an arena anyone can enter into and earn extra money. There are 2 major methods to entering the writing arena and they are: Here are 2 suggested methods  that are very effective  1)  through celebrity platforms and 2) using hot topics.

1) Method one Celebrity Platform- I can't think of a more perfect example of celebrity writing than Sarah Palin. Prior to 2007 unless you lived in Alaska you probably had never heard of the name Sarah Palin. In less than 2 years however she is an international figure. Her book ”Going Rogue” was a best seller prior to being published. Whether you like her, hate her are a democrat, republican or independent you are curious about her life. That curiosity will earn her somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 to 10 million dollars to start. (Some 3rd world countries have budgets smaller than that.)

Few if any of us will have a golden opportunity to be introduced to the world the way that she was, as the republican nominee to the service presidency of the United States. We ALL however have a platform of some sort, we must use it. How? Our expertise! Anything you have been doing for some time makes you an expert. For example, anything that you have been doing that was job related, you are now an expert. If you are involved  in parenting, cooking, food preparation, caring for the elderly, the sick, for pets doing child care etc., you have developed expert skills. Also, any hobbies you may have such as, sports photography fishing, gardening, shopping any kind of collecting, and the list could go on and on, this is considered  specialized knowledge and you can write about it and people will be interested enough to pay you for the information. You may not be a famous celebrity, but we are all celebrities in our own way, use it.

2) Method two- writing about hot topics or niche markets. (Note Google has a search category titled hot trends which changes constantly) Over the last year and a half (1 ½)  issue #1 in the United States has been the Economy  Any topic related to the economy has been a hot topic. Some sample categories are;  the housing market,  the stock market, construction,  financing,  bank bail outs, unemployment, healthcare reform, the auto industry just to name a few. Each of these categories  have several sub-categories they are all interrelated you could do a series.

One prime example, of hot topic writing was a book written by Gerri Willis entitled “Home Rich: Increasing the Value of the Biggest Investment of Your Life” (published 2008) She  first became a CNN contributor and now she has a permanent segment on CNN.  Two other examples, of combining Celebrity and Hot topic writing are 1) Suze Orman  and 2) Clark Howard who were both well known celebrities, however issue #1- the economy fell right into their areas of expertise and allowed them to expand their spheres even more.